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sweet, rotten, sweet

A video installation, plus live performance by Peggy Piacenza

WHEN Exhibit: March 7, 2019 – March 31, 2019: Installation Exhibit, Thur-Sun, 11am–5pm (11am–4pm on performance days) FREE

WHEN Performance: March 16–30, 2019: Performances, 3/16 5pm; 3/17, 3/23, 3/24 4pm & 6pm; 3/29 8pm; 3/30 6pm & 8pm Tickets:   

First Thursday Opening: March 7, 2019 6–8pm

Community Conversation: Sunday March 10th and 31st 2019  4pm

PERFORMANCE TICKETS: are required, limited to 25 people per show, and offered on a sliding scale basis ($10-75)


sweet, rotten, sweet is a visceral communal ritual examining what it means to see, be seen, and bear witness to the passage of time. In this video installation, Peggy Piacenza has crafted a visual and sonic landscape that utilizes dance and performance to illuminate the human struggle to find meaning within an absurd world. Reimagining past choreographic works that deal with the nature of touch and the inevitability of mortality, sweet, rotten, sweet aims to strip away extraneous layers in order to discover moments of stillness within an overstimulated, disoriented psyche.

The next step in a creative evolution, sweet, rotten, sweet re-conceives material from Piacenza’s recent work The Event, into a new realm of video installation and gallery performance.

In addition to the installation, there will be live performances throughout the month. Staged in an intimate setting, with 25 audience members and four performers, sweet, rotten, sweet uses an up-close and personal setting to awaken audiences to the present moment.

“Both deeply personal and vividly abstract, Piacenza’s dreamy, emotional landscape shows us that the lonely experience of our humanity is something we all have in common.”

—Kaitlin McCarthy, City Arts

“Piacenza seems to have erupted from some Dada burlesque; jarring, implacable, and completely compelling.”

—The Stranger

Conception & Choreography: Peggy Piacenza

Director of Photography: Doug Arney

Original Music and Sound Design: Paurl Walsh

Scenic Design: Danielle Blackwell, Ezra Dickinson, Peggy Piacenza

Performers in Video: Ezra Dickinson, Kim Lusk, Wade Madsen, Amelia Reeber

Light Design: Jessica Trundy

Peggy Piacenza is a longtime Seattle choreographer and performer who has toured nationally and internationally. Her work focuses on a wide spectrum of experience and draws from her explorations in improvisation, performance-related studies, and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

“[Piacenza] proved the connection between the absurdity of mortal life and the higher calling of the human spirit.”

—Seattle Dances

“Piacenza owns the movements and spoken words…with astonishing intelligence and mettle.”

—Seattle Dances

Along with Dayna Hanson and Dave Proscia, Piacenza is a co-director of Base, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating risk and invention in dance, performance and multidisciplinary art.